A Message from the President of the TUA

Dear TUA members and distinguished guests:

The Thai Urological Association under the Royal Patronage (TUA) was established on July 12, 1998. For 33 years, the cooperation of all junior and senior members that work together has leveraged our missions in the urological field, including patient services, academic work, residency training, and medical research.

As the TUA president during 2021 ? 2023, I am determined to work for our association within the direction of three proposed policies.

1. Academic field: to upscale the academic standards to the international level and encourage cooperation with other countries.
2. Research field: to promote the multi-institutional research that affects the national policy, practice guidelines, and medical innovation and to broaden the publication in international journals
3. Patient services: to push and support public health policies that benefit urology patients and promote urology training in various formats, together with other countries.

The COVID-19 pandemic has severely affected our work and activities for the last two years. Nevertheless, all TUA Executive Board members and I will do our best to work in a ?new normal? pathway. The ultimate goal is to follow our vision and accomplish our mission of ?maintaining the urological standards of knowledge, competence, and distributing the knowledge and medical services to benefit all members and patients.?




(เฉพาะสมาชิก TUA เท่านั้น)