A Message from the President of the TUA

Dear Members of the TUA and Friends,

The Thai Urological Association of Thailand under the Royal Patronage (TUA) was founded on July 12, 1988, and it has continued to this day for 32 years. Throughout all those years, it has received much help from its members and the community to complete its vision and mission. The TUA has progressed to an international standard, and it has had many accomplishments, such as scientific meetings, urological residency training examinations, research, textbooks, a Thai Journal of Urology (TJU), and collaborations with foreign doctors and urological societies. This success is due to our mentors being “Role Models” for the TUA members to follow with love and harmony. On behalf of the Executive Committee of the TUA, I would like to take the opportunity to thank all of you for your great effort.
The COVID-19 pandemic caused the TUA Annual Meeting 2019 to sadly be canceled. However, the Executive Committee of the TUA changed this problem into an opportunity. The innovation called an online meeting was performed instead of a face-to-face conference. This option still gave continuing education for the members of the TUA. There were “Interhospital Conferences” by the Trainings and Examining Board, “Educational Lecture Incorporated by ThCS Expert (ELITE)” by the Thai Continence Society (ThCS), and “Uro Dek The Series” by the Thai Society for Pediatric Urology (TSPU). Many more products from the TUA will come out soon. The Executive Committee of the TUA would like to thank all the teams who worked hard and with dedication. We also would like to thank all the TUA members and friends for your kind attention, too. What we are doing now will soon be the “New Normal”, so if you have any opinions or suggestions, please do not hesitate to tell us via one of the many channels of TUA communication. We will pass through this situation smoothly together.
As the President of the TUA, I am strongly determined to raise the Thai urology to the top echelons of education, research, and practice for the benefit of our urological patients. I would like to give you all the teaching of Somdet Phra Mahitalathibet Adunyadetwikrom Phra Borommaratchachanok, the Father of Modern Medicine and Public Health of Thailand, that has been given to the First-Generation Medical Students of Thailand. Hopefully, you can use this quote as a guideline for your work in very special times like this.

“Time is a valuable thing; when it passes, it never comes again.
If we have an opportunity to use it but we do not, that is wasteful.”

With loves and regards,
Professor Wachira Kochakarn, M.D.
The President of the TUA



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